eventaully when i finish up some other things i got goinf this pagell b deleted and thisll all b in the hub but 4 now


my name is dakota and pine and also jaden cause thats just how we roll on the web. im 17 rockin the they/it. someday ill get the neocities supporter thing and therell b some kickass music here but 4 now ull just have 2 imagine it. im real big in2 the gamersphere and kick it up in nature sometimes. my one of my first usernames was pineneedle14 on agario and it stuck, then i was like man my names pine wouldnt it b cool + fitting if i knew shit abt plants and i was like yeah me thatd b bitchin so now im like worlds #1 plant fan here. these sites down here will b replaced w buttons soon maybe but itll b convenient 2 have the links here til then. cool? cool.